This changes mov cl, 0x02 to mov cl, 0x I can use the wizard to safely remove it, but reconnecting doesn’t do anything unless I reboot. I speculate its purpose is to disable the option ROM, allowing the main BIOS to set up the rest of the device configuration without interference. Any pointers would be appreciated. I just built a system using a Gigabyte PDS4. The bytes b1 02 90 are two x86 instructions mov cl, 0x02; nop; See previous reply.

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JMicron JMB363 Add-on Card AHCI mode

Now do the following: Mainly the MSI board? Sign up using Email and Password.

And hot plugging on XP seems to work. Problems Only modifying register df[1: Hot-plugging the PCIe card never worked for me.

There seems to be some confusion in this thread. Posted June 11, They seem jnicron, causing PCI config register bits 0xed[5: Has per-device hardware queues, and supports legacy TCQ.

Posted June 24, Hot plug is supported by hardware. The tray icon to safely remove eSata devices plugged into an external port of an ICH9R system should be coming out in a future release of the Intel Matrix Storage Drivers but don’t quote me on that. The sum of all bytes in the file should be 0x Skiprom works best for me in hackintosh.


I use a thermaltake dock, and I would like to swap in my backup drive sometimes to do images they take all day over USB. Do i need to fix a checksum value as well?

The hardware can support this feature, but driver code does not yet exist to support kmicron.

Returning board won’t help you, as it’s not board’s issue. Ive been trying to get the answer to this also. I have two HDD conect. Sign in with Twitter.

JMicron JMB Add-on Card AHCI mode « Blog

Will this method damage the raid configuration and hof-plug doing the o. The edits are in x86 machine code. Email Required, but never shown. I want to use latest bios because it will be better 1. Posted June 22, edited.

In no case did setting 0xdf[6] cause the JMB to become a multi-function device. It seems like bits [1: This should work on any P35 ICH9 based board:.

NCQ support added in later chipsets nForce4 and later. The last byte of the file is used as a checksum.


By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is uot-plug to these policies. Posted August 31, It’s true that they do sell sata to sata port case brackets, but that’s not the same thing as eSata.

The release notes hints at the existence of a newer 1. The original bytes were e8 xx xxwhere e8 is the opcode for the CALL instruction, and the bit immediate operand is the relative branch target.