Posted April 3, Both technologies DVDs and printing seem to be getting less and less relevant, so a big investment probably doesn’t make sense. Feb 12, Posts: This thread is locked. Wed Nov 02, The biggest problem with labels is that they can come unstuck, especially in slot-loading CD players like your car.

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The playlist you create in iTunes to burn a disc is automatically imported into Express Labeler so that this information is available for you to use on your LightScribe label. What is LightScribe System Software? I am about to buy a new drive out my own pocket….

When using generic mode printing, speed and image quality may not be best. Jul 1, Posts: Some minor fading may occur over time. If I want something nicer than a Sharpie, it’s going to be a full blown printed label. Save time and go for the RMA.

Lightscribe/Labelflash…or something else now? Who uses what, and why?

See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. Select a template style from the Template menu and click Apply.

System Software as Service We need to establish that the system software is running automatically as a service. The following step-by-step instructions will help you create your first simple LightScribe label using various LightScribe-supported labeling software. Feb 17, Posts: Beneric and Tricks Search In. I have no issues! Can LightScribe label in color?


LightScribe Duplicators | Lightscribe Software – Free and Premium Lightscribe Labeling Software

Enter text for the title and subtitle. When beginning the burning of the label, the LightScribe software provides the estimated amount of time it takes to complete the label. Nov 19, Posts: If this still fails to solve your issues, please feel free to contact me and we can too a little deeper into the possible causes…. In the Printer settings area, ensure that the printer selected is a LightScribe capable drive.

I am running Window 7 Home Premium Labels can be a simple title, or you can get more creative by adding backgrounds and images.

This is how to enable Lightscribe on Slot-in drive (Samsung)

Is there a way to increase Contrast? The LightScribe label is permanent and not erasable. It lightscrige the functions among the different drives and media combinations to ensure the best LightScribe labeling experience. Burn a data or audio CD with iTunes. But whereas you say the disk will label, mine will not under Vista, and only generically under XP i dual boot.


As for the firmware, yes i had the problem before the update, which is sppd to enable wider disk compat, and that is why i did the update. Typically for the first generation technology, for title only content, a labeling time of minutes can be expected. A high-contrast photo or graphic stands out better than a picture in mostly soft middle tones. I have tried deleting messenger and reinstalling that but it does no good…anyone out there had this problem and how do I fix it….

LightScribe discs are identified by the LightScribe logo on the retail packaging and on the inner area of the disc itself. It would be great to have other-than-sharpie labels on home made discs. Select a label template by clicking Layout and choosing a layout.