This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. What is the likely problem and if a drive has failed why doesn’t Windows 7 64bit see a problem? I am very satisfied except for the heat on the gpu.

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Originally Posted by cassinni hi guys, i got the same board since end of Products may not be available in all markets.

This motherboard uses all high-quality conductive polymer capacitors onboard for durability, improved lifespan, and enhanced thermal capacity. Originally Posted by Weiman I’m using the stock chipset heatsink on my Asus. By aggressively stuffing 16 pipelines into its latest integrated graphics core and working hard to deal with home theater issues like high-end audio and HDMI connectivity issues, Nvidia has taken the home theater PC and low-end desktop crown with the GeForce 9 series chipset.

I would be very grateful for any and all help, thanks!


Four video output options, great HDMI axus and 7. Does anyone know how loud the cooling fan is? Q-Connector Make connection quick and accurate!

I was about asjs buy a second p5n7a-vm motherboard to build a second htpc for another room and can’t find anyone with stock for this motherboard. Birth of a Media Center. If I install any 8. Gigabit LAN is ideally for seamless internet connection such as streaming audio and video contents.

ASUS P5N7A-VM Motherboard Review – Page 7 of 7 – ExtremeTech

Both PCs v, W7. This unique adapter eliminates the trouble of plugging in one cable at a time, making connection quick and accurate. One of the best HTPC motherboards, and integrated graphics chipsets, you can buy. I have been running this board with decent success for the last year as my HTPC.

ASUS P5N7A-VM Motherboard Review

When more advanced integrated chipsets like Intel’s G33 and G35 were released, Intel pretty much had ssus, despite offering poor 3D performance. Anyone know what a good replacement would be? Geforce IGP from one of our affiliate retailers!

It has loads of connections, excellent 7. Check local regulations for disposal of electronic products.


P5N7A-VM | Motherboards | ASUS Global

Anybody else notice this? Colocation Server Hosting by Binary Environments. I had to restore my OS after getting a virus. Seems others are having similar issues.

Asuw refer specification pages for full details. I can surf the web, but when I try to gain access to my Windows Home Server’s network shares, I can’t connect. Totalmedia Theatre 3 Platinum.

This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Energy efficiency is great, too. Homegroup is setup but functions occasionally.


Reproduction is limited to words and must be prominently linked to source material. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Page 36 of Matter of fact, it take a really long time for it to find the networked computer.