This was too much for me. They just sent me another in December and sure enough the intermittent left click issue is back. I use it pretty heavily, every day. Will not be buying any more Logitech products. Swipe the mouse while drawing the line very quickly left and right.

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The scroll wheel is utter crap. Judging from what I have experienced and what you have posted this mouse has a mind of it’s own. Again I took it apart and cleaned it and now it works perfectly again. Throughout this ordeal I have called Logitec Support on several occations, faxed them a written report which they deny receiving and still have not received a satisfactory solution.

FastRF cordless performance that equals a USB corded connection, more info about this technology here. I have to admit that I have a EMI source I think needs moving sub wooferand perhaps this is why the curser becomes ‘swimmy’ and sometimes does not respond at all.

There are currently people online. Logitech jx1000 you to pay for long distance calls to get an RMA for their defective products, and CSRs are rude and unsupportive. Both mouse track perfectly during gaming, and I am a FPS loigtech I has never miss my target, it’s pixel precise, it’s awesome.


Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse

Basically I don’t play shooters now because it is just really frustrating. Now, I really am in heaven because the mouse fits my hand, requires minimal movement and has rechargeable batteries. So it was a good run while it lasted, but I would expect it’s useful life to be longer.

Even at red the mouse will probably last hours or more, unless you’re playing games straight or something. Will not be buying any more Logitech ,aser. As a side point It usually works fine but sometimes it goes through fits where it jumps to the top of the screen and random clicks occur.

I eventually found that my computer speakers were interfering with the mouse base station.

Some people report this mouse something behaves strange. Even worse is the lack of configurability in Logitech’s drivers. The funny thing is support asked me ” Are you gaming with it?

That fixed the problem by moving the Bluetooth adapter away from other items such as speakers and the PC itself. I have had mine for about two or three months now and have NEVER had any sort of problem described by others. A good, precise device will mean that to get a pointer from one side of the screen to the other will take a small if not minuscule movement. Changing place of receiver resolve all problems for me.

Logitech Mx Laser Cordless Mouse | eBay

Software drivers are not stable 4. Put it in the cradle, nothing. My previous mouse was wireless and did not have any problems.


After all, transmitting a beam of light for the tiny distance required, less than an inch, requires only a minuscule amount of power. This mouse is terrible. If you don’t believe me try it out yourself. It would move suddenly all over, button clicks would get “stuck” and you’d drag instead of click, and the only way to fix it temporarily is to press the sync button on the base. I’m off now to test how well this mouse bounces.

Logitech Mx1000 Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse Pc/mac

The version of Setpoint that came with my last mouse allowed me to set program-specific button presses but this one doesn’t. But I was wondering how portable this unit would be mmouse the base station needs to be connected to a power source and USB port. I can’t say enough good about this mouse. It jumps around and is not very accurate.