Sign In Sign Up. Minnesota North Shore Golf Courses. Does this result from my own fundamental lack of flexibility, the same one identified by my Titleist TPI evaluation from years back? Recently, at the age of 71, I shot 72, which is my best score on my home course. Sign up for a new account in our community. It promises a quieter lower body. And as he starts his downswing, the right elbow tucks into his right side very quickly.

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The problem I had with getting adequate distance with Venetos could have been something with my body mechanics, lack of flexibility or I just didn’t spend enough time with Venetos to get his technique right. Of that fact, I am neither proud nor ashamed. vrnetos

venftos Some of you may have seen him. The hips play no role in his swing and his shoulders only move as a result of what he is doing with his arms. If you struggle with venstos over-the-top swing, hitting slices, and inconsistent ball contact the Venetos Swing is something to consider. If the method seems to click for you, you’ll see Jim has an online instructional program where he can coach you on your development.

My game has radically changed for the better. First, the closed shoulders stressed my lower and middle back in a way my golf swing had never stressed those parts of my body.


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It’s increased by an iron. It hasn’t worked out well for me, but neither has conventional instruction. And as the round came to close I would get worse.

This will most likely install a ceiling on your improvement, and then you’re going to struggle when you start to add in the more traditional components to the golf swing. I do not use his methods for chipping or for putting. Might be okay place to start for an absolute beginner just to get the feel for how the arms and wrists work and take out some moving parts initially that would be added in over time?

Decreased offset has almost nothing to do with it.

The popup will be closed in 10 seconds This methodology has resurrected my entire golf game. Lastly I would have many swing thoughts which by benetos time came to hitting the ball I would lose steam.

If anyone starts to have doubts, stick with it. I veneto been a member of rotary swing. Traditional golf instruction would identify the turning and acceleration of the hips and shoulders as important components to an effective golf swing. Still, long after the book was finished I tried it especially with driver and got some very encouraging results.

Overall, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with experimenting with unconventional instruction. The address position gets rid of some movements and some of the movements that have been eliminated were the timing elements I used to make the ball work right to left.


If you want to be as good as you can, there’s a reason the more traditional components exist in the swing. When I do it right, the balls draws the same amount with the Venetos swing as my previous swing. You can still toe it, shank it, chunk it, blade it… Pull-hook it, etc. I feel like 1: Looking back got me looking at the writing of Harvey Penick and his advice to practice swinging the club with your eyes closed.

Jim Venetos – Paul Cervantes

There will come a point where you realize you could have kept your weight still right away, in the first lesson. I found it helpful in terms of preventing a slice and getting good ball contact.

I am enjoying the game so much more with my new swing and I can’t wait to go practice and play. Want to join this community?

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