I truly appreciate it! Hero – Jul 18, at Unfortunately, both USB ports on the left side are soldered directly to the motherboard. HP does not make a driver update. HP Pavilion dv has known issues with the graphics card failure. Also, try removing memory modules one by one and the laptop with each memory module separately. I would like everyone some tips while disassemble the laptop.

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I only removed the rams and my hard drive and I only rv6500 until step Will You allow us to use cookies to give you the best service we can? I think it might be a software or windows problem.

No audio device installed HP Pavilion dv [Solved]

I have the same question 7. Message 6 of 20 6, Views. Maybe one of the memory modules is bad?

Did you spill water on the keyboard or LCD screen? Best Buy quoted me an outrageous price for repair.

Only problem I had was remounting the mb back into the plastic bottom casing. You can search for a new motherboard by the part number which could be found on a sticker in the memory compartment.


I just disassembled my Hp dv to clean out the fan, which was making a lot of noise.

It cut off when I was in the middle of doing something. Proceed at your own risk.

HP Pavilion dv6500 laptop sound card drivers

Sohnd did you fix your nvidia problem? What else could be the problem? Either replugging it to make it detect new, replacing it if possible, or getting an external sound card.

I was able to replace the motherboard on my HP DV Hi, Have you made any changes to the computer prior to the issue? Cqrd Respond to hillary.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800

Maybe you accidentally removed some tiny component while cleaning the motherboard? I post you a photo of the Boot menu pressing esc at the very beginning of the boot, so I soknd take a photo: Some weeks ago the original power supply broke with a loud pop and bad smell.

Now you know exactly where each screw belongs. I was able to install a new motherboard into a laptop for a friend h this article. Also, you can try to disconnect internal laptop keyboard and try to loging with an external USB laptop. In step 10 you say to turn the cover upside down and disconnect one cable from the power button board. Did this solve your problem?


I am just afraid that I will try and pull it off and that was not what you were doing. If display cable is not hooked up properly, can it stop the system from loading the operating system? H the notebook could not be turned on again since.

Gazza – Jul 26, at Message 1 of Your comments on the situation please. The picture is not clear enough to seeā€¦ can you help me out? Take a closer look at all connectors before disconnecting them. My screen on my DV has gone faint from a lil water damage.