Within your company, each of your drivers must meet the licensing requirements. See how we support small businesses with a formula that works. You must also pass a background check and possibly obtain certain medical clearances. Our drivers know they have to be top star ready at every turn. Driving with us gives providers access to advanced processes and technology. This usually entails getting a business license in your locality. These materials include but are not limited to:.

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Becoming a LogistiCare community driver gives you a chance to help others by assisting our xn in getting to their non-emergency medical appointments. Automated reporting helps providers keep track of their credentialing data.

On an ongoing basis, providers must demonstrate compliance with set standards for field audits, performance and record keeping, as well as complaint response and reporting. Revenue stability Increased business volume as a reward for strong performance Robust GPS systems that automate information for claims Small business advisement.

How to Become a Licensed Medicaid Driver

Virginia uses LogistiCare, a management company that contracts with driving companies to handle the actual transportation duties. Skip to main content. If you enjoy meeting new people and are considering options for volunteering, become one of our community drivers.


Once you complete all necessary forms, submit all required documents to the sn office for consideration. Other states work directly with various driving companies. Contact the employer to inquire about their specific applicant requirements. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

In order to subcontract with a driver management company, you must have an established business. During the site visit, LogistiCare inspects provider records and vehicles, focusing on adherence, documentation, and commitment to contract standards.

This program is available in all states and is offered entirely as an optional service for your benefit. About Us Virginia Easy Access: These materials include but are not limited to: Transportation Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals: Once you have met them all, your company can start transporting clients and receiving pay from the management company.

ambukette You must also pass a background check and possibly obtain certain medical clearances. States vary in the way that they contract and pay Medicaid drivers. And there are many more you can read about here.

Getting on the List In order to subcontract with a driver management company, you must have an established business. As a Medicaid driver, you provide nonemergency transportation to recipients of Medicaid insurance. Together, We Can Move Mountains Millions ambjlette people depend upon the strength of our robust transportation network.


Commercial Driver’s License Passenger Endorsement.

Become a Transportation Provider – MAS

Do Your Research If business ownership is your preference, your first step is to contact your state human services agency. Interested in Driving with Us? One path to a career as a Medicaid driver wn to work for an established driving company. A good driving record is also important, with minimal tickets and accidents.

Transportation Providers | LogistiCare Solutions

The transportation provider must produce: The transportation provider must produce:. We know what it takes. Our members recognize all that our drivers do for them: Clients have hoe of mind in knowing that their members are being transported in the safest, most reliable manner possible.

In these jurisdictions, you will apply directly with the state agency. The ability to lift up to 50 pounds is also helpful because you will be working with individuals who may need assistance getting into and out of the vehicle.