If you are a mid- to high-handicap player, this is a set of clubs I would highly recommend. This review started off by explaining the issues that we had with the R7 line. Do you believe the hype? Have tried both the R9s and G15s, the G15s felt a little more forgiving and easier to hit, but they went shorter than the R9s. According to my laser, flush shots were going yards my usual blade 5 iron distance and very high. We call it a wrap-around clubface because it acts like a face that wraps around the top-line and the leading edge, which gives the face more freedom to flex and reflex at impact, much like a thin-faced driver.

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The VCC makes it easier to launch the ball with the long- and middle-irons, golff TaylorMade engineers have gone to great lengths to ensure that the R9 irons deliver controlled power by incorporating Inverted Cone Technology on the inner side of the clubface. The r7s are more forgiving than the R9s but a cluh on the R9 goes farther than the sweetspot of the r7.

Great look, soft feel, solid forgiveness makes a wonderful total package. Enter any Giveaway, and we reviess winners randomly.

Read all 75 reviews and the responses in our Testing Thread. Moreover, the club generated plenty of spin with the short irons and given the high trajectory of the long irons, the ball never seemed to have trouble holding the green. I asked a fellow member at our club to hit both and taylorkade felt the M1 was his preferred model, and he is a index player.


You do not see any black and the shape and size of the head is very attractive to me. You can tell that you mishit the ball but you really need to pay close attention.

Can a game-improvement club have a soft feel? Also the G15s have a higher balloon trajectory, where the R9s have a little more penetrating trajectory. High trajectory and very long. My first shot with the R9s came on course from about yards out to an elevated green.

There are a lot of reviews about them.

Taylormade R9 Irons Review – The Hackers Paradise

Blair Chaney Apr 30, at 4: Very smooth, balanced, and a nice sound. Forgiveness — The iron really shines here. Shorter than the M2 though not short and a little lower ball flight. Standard specs for the irons are as follows: Can someone please tell me the difference between the Rps and the R9s TP?

TaylorMade R9 Irons Review

However the company is standing behind their product. I went to the range with the new irons and spent about an hour hitting these irons as well as a set of R7 irons.

Going to MB Sept. The virtually weightless foam originates as a powder that is sealed in this chamber, and then transforms into a foam substance after the clubhead is heated during production.


They are now becoming the Callaway of old, clubs that suit the masses and are easy to hit. I plan on working them out as soon as the shop has fitted the new heads to my shafts. I hit the M2 first, and found it to be very solid when hit yolf the screws.

The next I really went after it, same CRACK and ball just flew but to my surprise it was a nice taylormde, harder draw than the first but it was a nice yard draw. Same with being low on the face or a few grooves high.

In addition, R9 has a clearly delineated leading edge and beveled sole which should inspire confidence in many of the mid handicap golfers goof do not like the super wide soles of many of the game improvement clubs on the market. Odyssey Red Ball Putter. M2 is the longest iron I have ever hit.

The Big Review – TaylorMade R9 Irons

I hit the Adams idea tech a4. These are just so much more forgiving that what i have been used to. Both better players and mid-handicap golfers looking to improve will appreciate the feedback these clubs provide.