Select manual mode to switch images manually. English – 25 n o p Call your desired contact. Press [Cancel] to exit. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. Moves across part of the live image.

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DIP switch settings will not available until the Camera B has been restarted.

From the control panel or remote control 3. Press [c] or [d] or [e] or [f] to select the file to be compared. Please do not tilt the machine while using. English – 29 Dukanr 10 Troubleshooting This chapter outlines possible solutions to common problems. Do not try to defeat this safety feature. Contact your distributor if the LED fails to light. Check the settings for the projector source. Press [d] to select [Factory Reset]. If the Document Camera will not be used for an extended time, unplug it from the power outlet.


Operation with any IM program is similar. In the following situations, unplug the Document Camera from the wall outlet and refer servicing to licensed service personnel: English – 22 documejt.

Press [c] or [d] or [e] or [f] to select the desired thumbnail for deletion. Place the Document Camera where it can be easily unplugged. Press [PAN] on the remote control to zoom in a part of a live image.

Press [MENU] to enter the on-screen menu. A window displaying a live image see below will appear. Use attachments only as recommended.

Dukane Camera 335B – document camera

Do not place the Document Camera where the cord can be stepped on as this may result in fraying or damage to the dumane or the plug. Check if DIP Switch is properly set. To stop playing, repeat Steps 1 to 4. Press [d] to select [Lamp] modes.

Dukane Digital Camera User Guide |

English – 10 2. Freezes the current image temporarily on the screen. Press [d] dukqne select among [Mode] modes. Press [d] to enable [Delay]. Press [f] or [e] to select [Yes]. Moves up, down, left or right to select the needed function. English – 18 2. View grayscale or black and white photos in this mode. Press [d ] to enable [Slide Show Effect].


Dukane Camera 335 Manuals

Probably the document is too close to the lens. English – 21 5.

English – 19 7. Do not overload wall sockets, extensions leads or multi-way plug boards as this may cause fire or electric shock.

Press [S] or [T] or [e] or [f] to select the desired file for comparison.