May Learn how and when to remove this template message. This chip was rather slow and basic. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Notable members of the Stealth family have been the Diamond Stealth 3D , by far the most popular S3 Virge-based board. Dentist Member Oct-4 1: Seanix Extended Mainboard Data:

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The numbers had more than a random meaning.

The drivers and player software for these are not compatible with the DVD and This card connected to the VGA card with an external passthrough cable, a diammond. Aureal had gone into bankruptcy and was dissolved, so their last generation of chips were never released. Wasn’t the problem I suspected after all.

Best bet is to try ESS to see if they have drivers. The Viper line was Diamond’s high-end offering. InDiamond was acquired by S3 Graphics and became primarily a supplier of products based upon their sojnd accelerator chips. Diamond Multimedia is a company that specializes in many forms of multimedia technology.

Two weeks well wasted when I could have been troubleshooting other problems I had with my newly built system. Windows 98 or 98SE is not recommended due to monzter that may happen with video color and alignment.


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Diamond Multimedia

For those that don’t remember, the Monster 3D, like other Voodoo Momster cards, was a dedicated 3D-only graphics card. Diamond realized that the DOS gaming world was not completely dead and afford a pass through for your old ISA sound card, which would continue to provide Sound Blaster compatibility if so desired.

Unfortunately this was hardly a worthwhile reason to buy the card because the central CPUs in PCs at the time were more than capable of handling MP3 playback. Growth in the add-on sound card market, also an ongoing Diamond business, was tempered by the bankruptcy of Aureal Semiconductor and subsequent asset purchase by vertically-integrated Creative Technologies.

It didn’t help that the audio section of the card was not particularly excellent either, receiving luke warm reviews regarding MIDI quality extremely important during the card’s time.

Diamond XtremeSound is the first sound card line launched after the company’s restructuring in For the truck manufacturer, see Diamond Reo Trucks. When it was time for Diamond to update their product line for A3D 2. JrCk Member Oct-4 5: The Diamond Monster Sound gaming sound card series was the first sound card to have its own on-board processor to handle audio operations. Only the bundled player software can use the hardware MPEG2 decoding of the card. Whereas the MonsterSound lineup was targeted at no-holds-barred gamers, the Sonic Impact cards were more generally aimed, and were cheaper and less powerful.


Diamond XtremeSound is the first sound card line launched after the company’s restructuring in Rather than use Aureal’s hardwired A3D 1. Karl Bode News Guy join: Hope it helps a little. The RIAA had been upset about the possibility of digital music sharing when the product was launched.

Dentist to JrCk Member Oct-4 6: Rental car lied [ Automotive ] by Jan Janowski. They are a slightly newer product with the ‘Navigator’ player software having a cleaner user interface.

Diamond Multimedia Monster Sound MX400 MPU-401 Compatible (WDM) Free Driver Download

Specifically, monsted tell the buyer the card’s memory amount and type. Unfortunately the chip itself was not fully functional and the drivers were very buggy. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.