The design of the board, which varied from model to model, could further exacerbate CQM’s inaccuracies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. DLL — it will work just fine! Some users have found that replacing the capacitors with fresh ones of the recommended values noticeably improved both amplified and line-level audio quality, in addition to restoring proper operation. Most Sound Blaster 16 cards feature connectors for CD-audio input. By setting an onboard jumper, the user could select between line-level output bypassing the on-board amplifier and amplified-output.

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You may use these HTML tags and attributes: This file cannot be found anywhere on the Internet, and there seems to be very few references to it. The Creative WaveSynth is a software based WaveTable Synth which provides additional voices for composition and playback.

The following model numbers were assigned to the Sound Blaster Take note that CTCM. As many Sound Blaster 16s are now well over 20 years old, many cards suffer from symptoms related to aging capacitors, ranging from muffled or distorted output to the cards failing to function properly.

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Creative Sound Blaster 16 WavEffects (CT4170) on a 80386

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Share on Google Plus Share. By setting an onboard jumper, the user could select between line-level output bypassing the on-board amplifier and amplified-output.

Sound Blaster 16 CT

After the setup, sound in Windows should work properly and you should hear the Windows 3. A tough developer who likes to work on just about anything, from software development to electronics, and share his knowledge with the rest of the world.

As vintage Sound Blaster designs are for the creaative part backwards compatible, this should work. In addition, with regard to the headphone amplifier design on most boards, Creative did not fully adhere the datasheets’ recommendations on component values, potentially impacting the amplified output’s sound quality.

There is no workaround for this flaw and it occurs with all operating systems since it is an issue at the hardware level. Retrieved December 19, Share on Pinterest Share.

Computer Gaming World in stated that “We were not impressed with the quality of the digital audio” of the Sound Blaster 16 cr4170 16 ASP, reporting “pops and extra noise” and incomplete Sound Blaster compatibility.

July 12, November 5, ToughDev 0 Commentcreativems dos. DLL — it will work just fine!

Creative Labs CT4170 Sound Blaster Audio Card

EXE, found in the Sound Blaster 16 craetive disk, which should detect and initialize your card automatically:. Archived from the original on December 19, The problems include stuck notes, incorrect notes, and various other flaws in MIDI playback. Share on Digg Share.


The Sound Blaster 16 was hugely popular. Share on LinkedIn Share. Rich Sorkin was General Manager of the global business during this time, responsible for product planning, product management, marketing and OEM sales.

Sound cardsaccessed August 6, As a result, this chip was generally ignored by the market. Next you may want to run CTCU. I’m sure everyone who bought a Gold card tried these out, and they were certainly significantly better than the equivalent wavetable sounds, but not exactly jaw-dropping, and a bit of a fiddle to use.

EXE found in the setup disk.

Archived from the original specification on February 2, Some models even lacked the Wave Blaster connector while other came equipped with the connector.