The heads are fake, the shafts are fake much too light flex , and the grips are fake. How was the iron set? That means providing you with equipment reviews you can trust, as well as honest reporting on the latest issues affecting the game today. Singapore Golf Forum – Golf Republic:: Feel and sound have improved, and users will likely see a jump in distance.

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Have they only got one golf towel or is that Chinese speak for golf towels. It would appear English is not the first language of the author. From four to PW are not same as Callaway golf set.

10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs! – Part

Did you read the refunds and returns policy? Other smaller review sites can be helpful as well in sending you in the right direction. fi

My first question is, why must we doff the beanie at the end of the round when we shake hands with our mates? Towards the end of last year I asked the following question of Rockbottom: I contacted Google and after a few days they removed these website. Thread starter anthony Counterfiet date Aug 31, With single clubs driver, fairways, hybrids, etc.


Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver

Condition is evaluated by our knowledgeable staff and the used golf club s is priced accordingly. I purchased or thought I did a Bang Storm driver from a company called golf discount center supposedly from San Mateo CA in late August and dit yet to receive my order two months later. They explained that they would refund my order themselves and take my dispute up with the Chinese vendor on my behalf.

One of the questions I asked was where they get there golf clubs from. Has anyone ever purchased from http: Go get fitted from a golf professional that knows what callawqy are doing. Sounds more stolen callawzy fake to me Click here to see more photos and read the discussion in the forums.

2012 Callaway RAZR FIT Driver and Fairway Metal In-hand Pics!

And apparently only men are considered unpatriotic if their headgear remains intact during the playing of the national anthem. They came in individually wrapped plastic bags with a sku and a bar code.

RAZR fit Stiff 9.

When I looked into it a bit more, I realised I was right to panic! The bag is prodomenantly black and red, and the suspicioun came when Caolaway noticed the font that R9 is written in, the letters are taller.


The ballspeed is nearly equal to the FT9-TA, the forgiveness is superior and right now all I need to do is bring down my spin and landing angle degree which I think I will be able to do with some shaft tweaks.

This is where I feel this driver excels the most at. According to the cobra websiteclick the online dealer link golf are an rar dealer. Golf, on the other hand has books written about appropriate behavior on the course. I have learned my lesson about buying cheap clubs.

Posted 22 June – Callaway Razr Fit Driver. But the club manufacturers are not in a good spot.

Posted July 22, The areas shaded blue indicate the range of abilities this model is designed for — from zero countterfeit. I found an interesting article from TimesUnion Anyone have any ideas as to how to get response from them?

Price is not a great determination when dealing with used.