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In reply to ntnsv’s post on October 22, Logitech have informed me that there is no driver in the Boombox. How satisfied are you with this reply? Am I missing something? I briefly had a Bluetooth mouse connected to the W8 pc when I first upgraded and I seem to remember that it worked. Wednesday, November 14, 1: If Windows 8 was installed after the laptop was delivered then it doesn’t have a Dell windows 8 image.

Yes, it requires urgent attention as millions of devices now use Bluetooth.

The Dell Bluetooth drivers for Windows 8 should solve that problem. The follow on pain is also a challenge.

I think all OS upgrades should have that warning. Wednesday, November 14, 5: And on the icon on the bottom bar there is blind cannot be used the option “enable to connect devices”.


Wednesday, November 14, 7: I can see this connection on the phone and in my laptop. Saturday, May 6, 6: I have tried the URL link you provided and the software runs and says that I already have the latest driver.

Broadcom ALPS-UGPZ9-BCM2046 drivers for Windows 8.1 x64

I have two laptops with Bluetooth, one built-it and the other with a USB dongle, and they both work fine. Is there a simple fix?

They may choose not to write one for any variety of reasons; they may sindows a newer competitive device, or one in the works. Broadcom Bluetooth 2.

Bluetooth not working in windows 8

Maybe that one will work for you. Hi, Backup your system and do a clean install of Win 8 it will work fine I did it and works fine. One had an internal card and one an external USB device. Bdoadcom for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Friday, November 23, Once in W8, the bluetooth dongle is seen and listed in the device listing.

Wednesday, November 14, 9: Of course it is a Win 8 problem.


Broadcom Bluetooth USB UHE Dongle Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

When I try to connect with my headset, in device manger, the offline status goes away and then comes back and the headset gives a no connection tone. I can pair devices fine, but they will not go online with the OS. Also, the “solution” from earlier posts does not show up when I click on it. This thread is locked. Is it just time to jump ship and swim over to Apple.

All works fine in W7. How to Install Drivers After you have found the right driver for your device and operating system, follow windiws simple instructions to install it.

Is that strictly for the headset, or does the same device control your speakers assuming you use them also?