Product Registration Be able to join the discussions of web-based news groups. This setting is designed specifically for AOpen housing. Don’t show me this message again. Please refer to the picture shown above. Locate Pin 1 in the socket and look for a black dot or cut edge on the CPU upper interface. F10 Save changed setting and exit setup program. These fuses are soldered onboard that user cannot replace it when it is damaged did the job to protect motherboard , and the motherboard remains malfunction.

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Two drives master and slave are supported. WinBIOS is natively designed with multi-language support. A bus is a channel used to transfer data to input and from output a computer and to or from a peripheral device. With CPU speed changing rapidly, there might be fastest CPU on the market by the time you received this installation guide.

Some values may change while you adjust the settings. With so many computer cases with side windows, the appearance of internal components achieves more significance than it ai77-600n used to. There are four connectors on the PC99 ln panel. With a special algorithm gogabit by AOpen, the fan speed is automatically adjusted by the factors of CPU and ambient temperature. LED is exactly the same as 5.

Users may now easily recognize what jumper or cable should match with specific jumper or cable by COLOR, without having the trouble of holding user guide in one hand and connecting jumpers with the other hand. And as they say, black is always in style. It is strongly recommended not to install a 3. Then connect your monitor and keyboard.


AKN Online Manual EzClock Have you ever thought how great it would be if you can adjust the frequency setting on your motherboard under Windows environment and be a real master of your system?

A single USB port can be used to connect up to peripheral devices, such as mouse, modems and keyboards.

LED 4 – Indicates that the floppy disk drive may have been installed incorrectly or is damaged. You may just ignore it. The problem is probably caused by power supply or motherboard failure. You may check your system voltage from the indicating bar here. Please rest assured that it is not an error message. Most am77-600n the time, the fan would remain still when CPU is not fully utilized.

Each channel supports two IDE devices that make a total of four devices. Locate JP14 and short pins for a few seconds. Wom zero Voltage Wake On Modem Connector This motherboard implements special circuit to lzn Wake On Modem, both internal modem card and external box modem are supported.

To use this function you have to have a joystick module and connect it with a game port cable to this port on the motherboard. The RTC real time gigaibt can also keep running as long as the power cord is plugged.


AOpen AK77-600N, Socket A, AMD (91.8A710.A01) Motherboard

They should know your system configuration very well and should be able to solve your problem efficiently and provide important reference for you.

Lxn course, you may set your defaulted lowest margin for your fans and the SilentTek would also pop up a message box and alarm you when the la is rotating slower than this specified speed. The view angle of drawing shown here is the back panel of the housing. Overheat Protection Technology to protect them.

All of the specifications and information contained in this manual are subject to change without notice.


This function is ak77-600m to overclockers. Your machine contains more than one hardware bus, please select the Bus Type and Bus number on which your network adapter card is installed.

The system page shows the detail information of the motherboard, the operating system, the processor, and BIOS version. Meanwhile, all applications must be closed before starting AOconfig.

Select SKIP if only one adapter is installed on this computer. Vcm virtual Channel Memory system automatically recognize the change.