It’s not one of those awful Happy Momma Bear’s Snapshot Bakery sorts of programs “Would you like to make a greeting card? Give Dan some money! On the right in the picture, the Aiptek PenCam Ultra. That’s pretty long, for a hand-held camera; you need to be resting the camera on something or standing unusually still to get a sharp photo at one-quarter. Seller does not offer returns. The DualPix’s JPG compression gives it the same cheering feature as more serious digicams that work the same way – the crummier your picture is, the better it’s likely to compress. If the microphone worked in webcam mode, of course, it’d be pointed in the opposite direction from the lens, allowing it to listen to birds out the window and the power supply fan of the computer it was plugged into.

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And no overly disgusting compression artifacts this time, either.

You can get the latest PenCam software from Aiptek Taiwan’s download page here ; the US Aiptek site here has downloads, too, but insists on asking you impertinent questions first. When I was using the Ultra, I had to keep reminding myself to hold it aiptel by the sides.

The closest the DualPix can focus is about 30mm from the front of the lens surround, and at that range its whole field of view is only about 20mm across. The batteries in the background are AA size, for scale.

It’s bigger than the PenCams but still hardly bulky, its user interface beats the Aipteks, it’s got a simple image download feature, its by mode is good for something, and it works aiotek night. I’m not expecting these tiny cameras to remember how far they’ve got and start counting from the next number all real digital cameras do this – my CL’s file names are up to PC And with no flash, no zoom and a grainy low-res image sensor, there are some hard limits to what can be achieved.


Only the middle of the image is really in decent focus, with those ugly tiny-lens distortion effects fuzzing out the edges. Watch list is full.

Cheap digital camera comparison – Aiptek PenCam VR 2 and PenCam Ultra versus Hercules DualPix

Skip to main content. And you can string images together into AVI files, and so on. Photos So what kind of images do these cameras generate?

It’s grainy and it’s pale, and I had to jockey around a bit to get the camera to take a shot at all, which is why you can see the edge of the paper backdrop.

Hercules DualPix The DualPix looks more like a normal camera than the Aiptek offerings, and it works more like one too.

The VR 2’s stand also comes in handy if you use the PenCam’s 10 second self-timer mode to get yourself into the picture. Do whatever you want. But if you’re shopping for yourself, you can do better.

On with the show. The Ultra package gives you the camera, another weighted stand, the USB lead and a twinkly neck strap arrangement with a sliding clasp and a nifty pop-loose catch, so you can easily remove the camera from the strap if you need to.

Aiptek PenCam Trio HD

The stand’s there because this camera, like the other two in this comparison, can work as a webcam in Windows. Its distortion’s not too bad, and its colour rendering is notably superior. Sign in to check out Check out as guest. Would you like to make a calendar?

Driver Aiptek PenCam VR N/A (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

That’s pretty long, for a hand-held camera; you need to be resting the camera on something or standing unusually still to get a sharp photo at one-quarter. I don’t think it’s going to win any awards, and the PVC guttering on the side of the shed in the middle of the frame isn’t quite up there with French chateaux and Idgital monoliths in the pantheon of Striking Camega Subjects, but this is nonetheless quite a pretty picture, I reckon.


Ships from United States. I got in closer this time, so I could play with the DualPix’s adjustable focus.

Aiptek PenCam VGA 2 MP Digital Camera – Gray | eBay

The DualPix has a proper threaded tripod socket on the bottom of it, too. New other see details: Shipping cost cannot be calculated. More detail, better colour, less fuzzy. The included software makes it easy to stitch pictures from the camera together into an AVI file, but you don’t get sound, you don’t get a high frame rate, you don’t by default get the xiptek frame rate as the images were recorded in, and the only way to record more than a few seconds real time of action is by using the lower-resolution by mode, so you don’t fill the memory too quickly.

For the above shot, I set the CL’s exposure apitek that the meadow in the background is on the edge of being overexposed and the sky certainly isbut there’s good detail in the rocks in the foreground. Much less grain, but it’s still washed out.