Tech Industry by Michelle Meyers Nov 26, These advanced settings-available in REC mode-include the following: Interestingly, the digitizes the image internally at 30 bits 10 bits per color channel , then picks the best 24 bits 8 bits per channel to store the image. Pictar Pro makes your phone feel more like a premium camera It even adds a viewfinder. Base image for x super res is a low-compression x JPEG.

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As one would expect, the storage capacity of the card is dependent on the resolution level at which you capture images. Its design encourages a two-fisted grip, which increases picture-taking stability. Cable modem shopping tips Cable modem shopping tips by Dong Ngo. Two-position Shutter Button Push halfway to lock the focus and determine exposure Push all the way to capture the image 3-Position Function Wheel Select between three operating modes with a quick turn of this rotary dial.

Murphy’s law definitely applies to ephotto batteries: This is a long exposure though, well beyond most people’s ability to hold the camera steady enough to render a sharp image. Of course, the number of images stored on each card will vary, as individual images can be captured at varying resolution levels and saved on the same memory card.

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This turns the into an effective presentation tool, although the minimum picture-to-picture delay of seconds in resolution-mode might make for a somewhat leisurely pace in a corporate environment.

Return all camera settings to their default values a handy option, if you have several adjustments made on multiple menus, and want to return to normal operation quickly. Rest assured we’ll make appropriate note of and give due credit to any such devices when they appear!


No 5-volt cards, please!

Agfa ePhoto 1680

Our current feeling is that it is a real benefit, as long as you aren’t expecting to enlarge the resulting images up to full-page size. When testing cameras, we normally just pull the images off the camera’s removable media by whatever means are most convenient: The downside of course, is that you need to have a white reference surface available to set the white balance. A manual white-point setting will remain in effect until explicitly changed back to “auto”, or until the camera’s batteries are removed.

Use a tripod when it’s that dark! A small thing, to be sure, but some cameras use a bottom-mounted arrangement for memory cards, meaning you have to unmount them from a tripod in order to pull the card.

Color accuracy in the is very good, and overall color rendition is excellent. The ‘s manual white-balance adjustment is somewhat more effective, and overall offers more precise matching between lighting conditions and white balance settings than the more conventional “incandescent,” “fluorescent,” and similar settings on competing units. Turn an old monitor into a wall display with a Raspberry Pi Turn an old monitor into a wall display with a Raspberry Pi by Taylor Martin.

Excellent resolution and color! Mobile by Stephen Shankland Dec 10, PhotoVista allows you to “stitch” multiple images together to make huge, panoramic photo murals. We found that its low-light capability belied the official ISO value, though.

If using a Macintosh computer, use the special Mac adapter cable provided. As has become our custom, we’ll list the various controls, menus, and options in outline format below, with brief explanations of each item:.


Pressing the shutter button halfway actuates the autofocus and autoexposure systems, without firing the shutter. Set the self-timer for each picture individually defaults to no delay after each shot is taken.

These advanced settings-available in REC mode-include the following: In its “external flash” mode, the throttles-back its on-camera flash, to the point that it will trigger a slave device, but contribute very little light to the final picture.

Agfa ePhoto Digital Photography Review

The LCD Viewfinder is on all the time when you’re actively using the camera. Overview In the ePhotoAgfa has built upon their earlier experience with the ePhotoand boosted avfa sensor resolution to create a 1. The manual states nearly the same minimum focus distance for both normal and macro modes.

Set a new white point by aiming the camera at a desired white area and capturing the “neutral” color data. The “preferences” option provides a way to save all the advanced settings until the next time the camera is used.

When viewing images, you can move on to the next one in the camera’s memory, without waiting for the current one to finish displaying.