The entries for one data source end with the start of an entry for a new data source. Set the Test on Borrow property to true or false. This is used to populate the selection list for simple query blocks for this datasource. This is especially useful if the available code is adapted to another ODBC driver. For the Adabas restrictions, see the corresponding sections in the ” Reference ” document.

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Sorry for the following basic questions, but I’m completely new to Adabas and mainframe The description only refers to the kind of entries, their syntax, and their effects.

In the Read Only property, select true or false. In the following, the options allowed for the ODBC driver are described.

Wed Nov 16, 9: In the Max Active property, enter the total number of connections that can be created in the connection pool. Sat Sep 01, 4: For bit applications, this file is located in the Windows system directory.

In the Isolation Level property, select the isolation level for the datasource. Quick Reply You need to enable javascript.


Configuring the Adabas ODBC Driver

INI contains driver-specific data. Therefore it is not possible to retrieve OLE objects from a table. The first part designates the data source name; it is enclosed in square [ ] brackets.

Separate column names by commas. When set to true, when a connection is aadabas from the connection pool, it is tested to make sure it is a valid connection.

For each data source, there is one entry consisting of two parts. Thanks, Marc This message was edited 1 time.

Adabas/D Datasources

In the User property, enter the user id used to log into the database for this datasource. When set to true, this property may have some impact on performance, but it verifies that the database connections are always valid.

Reading data thus locked is only possible for transactions in lock mode “Uncommitted”. For each driver installed, there are two entries. The property sheet oddbc be opened for you to modify the remaining datasource properties. See the Format Masks section for choices.

In the Modified on property, the date and time on which the datasource was last modified are displayed and cannot be odbx. Wed Nov 16, 5: Adqbas, these are the connect parameters and the specification of the database server. More entries containing the driver name and setup DLL are stored in this section. In the Description property, enter the description for the datasource. Dirty reads are prevented.


When set to true, when a connection is idle in the connection pool, it is tested to make sure it is a valid connection. Then we usually just install the appropriate odbc driver on the very same server and connect to the database. Sat Aug 25, 8: For example, if this property were set to yyyv-MM-dd HH: In the Min Evictable Idle Time property, enter the number of milliseconds for which a connection can be idle before it can be considered for eviction from the connection pool.

The following return codes can be set:.

In the Password property, enter the password used to log into the database for this datasource and user id. The install odbf configuration will be handled by a DBA or an external provider.